ERROR: Unreadable CAPTCHA cookie – RESOLVED!

RESOLVED!  One of the test WordPress instances had an impossible, unpleasant and not covered on Google error message.  When user is trying to register, the CAPTCHA code is displayed properly and validation is correct, but when the button Register is press, the page would display this: ERROR: Unreadable CAPTCHA cookie I have a plugin “SI […]


How to Install WordPress 4.X on Windows 10 and IIS 7.5

This article is written for those who need to test/evaluate features of new WordPress release on a local machine before rolling it out to all the serves. This article describes running PHP on IIS 7.5 through FastCGI. For best results, reader is required to be able to start and stop services, understand registry manipulations, be […]

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Movng WordPress Site to a W2K8 Server and IIS7

If you like to be in control of all your servers, you would love the gentle nature of WordPress installation.  Installation includes PHP,  MySQL  and  WordPress components.  All steps can be done manually.  Instead of running install, you can just copy files and directories, and make manual configurations adjustments.  It is like labyrinth of  DLL(s) […]