Finding Self

Body, Mind and Decision Making

  Going Nowhere, Aiming for Nothing Instead of going to the forest, to my favorite bog, I stayed home to write.  That is in accordance with principle “Going nowhere, aiming for nothing”.  Instead of fighting traffic, biking through the bumpy path and covering myself with a bug spray from head to toe, I just took a […]

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Office and IE

IE10 is not saving passwords and user names

I hope this post will help a lot of frustrated users out there. PROBLEM: IE10 was working fine, but at one point it stopped saving user names and passwords for web sites. This most securely-configured browser, so switching was not an option.   Here is my solution.  Please see, if it works for you. SOLUTION: For […]


Sep 3 MON – From Rome back to Boston

  We took an early breakfast, and left the hotel at 08:24.  I put another €23 worth of benzene into the car to top it off, and we returned the car to the airport at 08:57 with 11109 km on odometer. Here is a breakdown for days, kilometers, liters and Euros that we used during […]


Using Ajax Toolkit Controls on Pages With Other Scripts and Master Pages

[ASP.NET – This  material was tested on Win7, W2K8 Server,  IS7 and IIS 7.5  and Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010]   Install Proper Version Download and unzip proper version form Open the site where you intend to uses Ajax Controls, Follow  generic instruction and add a new control tab inside your Visual Studio or Web […]